A Quick & Easy 4th of July Dessert Table

4th of July drinks

The 4th of July is quickly approaching, but putting together a stylish all-American dessert table doesn’t have to be stressful.  We’re sharing some of our favorite patriotic party products as well as some quick and simple ideas for adding a little spark to your 4th of July celebrations.

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First, pull out any red, white and blue linens and/or serving dishes that you already own.  Nothing says, “America” quite like a red, white and blue color palette.

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Second, add some flag décor to your table.  This could be a large wooden flag replica sign like ours seen here from Two Crafty Teachers, or could be some mini flags displayed in a vase or mason jar.

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Third, choose a simple dessert menu of easily made items or store bought favorites.  We picked up some fresh blueberries, festive cookies and cupcakes from the store, as well as Gatorade in red & blue flavors.

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Fourth,  add some simple embellishments!  Here are a few things we did using items we sell or printables you can purchase online. We used striped and star baking cups (available for purchase by emailing us directly) to house our blueberries. Twine and striped straws dressed up milk bottles which allowed our red and blue drinks to shine through.  We added 4th of July themed printable décor from A Delicate Gift to add some patriotic details such as a flag banner on the front of the table, party flags on the striped straws and celebrate circle toppers on our cupcakes.

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Finally, grab a set of our ceramic candy letter dishes (available for purchase via email only) and spell out your favorite patriotic word.  It could be as simple as “USA” or as long as “America” or “Freedom”.  Fill up the dish with flavorful selections of red, white and blue candy, and you’re set!

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You’ve got yourself an all-American 4th of July dessert table in just 5 easy steps!

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A big thank you to Aspin Photography, for capturing the beautiful images of our 4th of July dessert table display.

***To see more pictures from this Quick & Easy 4th of July Dessert Table, please visit our gallery.


Aspin Photography– Photography

Hoopla Events– Party Styling

Hoopla Events Etsy Store-Striped Straws, plastic milk bottles

Hoopla Events Products (not on Etsy)- contact for a Paypal invoice:

Navy & White Striped Baking Cups $6.95

Red & White Star Baking Cup $6.95

Ceramic Candy Letter Dishes- $10.99 each

Two Crafty Teachers– Wooden Flag Signs

A Delicate Gift– 4th of July Party Printables (straw tags, banner, cupcake toppers)

To shop the 4th of July Dessert Table theme, click here.

View More: http://laurenoliverpohotgraphy.pass.us/kennedys-birthday-bash

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