Welcome to Hoopla Events

At Hoopla Events, we want you to leave the details to us. After all, everyone loves a party, but not necessarily all the planning that goes into throwing an unforgettable one.

While many people find it stressful to sift through ideas and pin down particulars, at Hoopla Events we think that’s the best part. We’ll meet with you, get to know you, and then learn what inspires you so we can help unfold your dreams for your event. We’ll make your party dream your party reality. From designing favor bags to hiring vendors, you can leave the prepartations to us!

Hoopla Events can help you create a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience with as little or as much guidance as you prefer, whether you’re planning your child’s first birthday, your company’s annual party or your organizations’s fundraising gala.

Our passion for entertaining and eye for striking details add personality, fun, and polish to any event: from elegantly understated to fabulously over-the-top.

It’s your event and the theme should reflect your personality, but you should also get to sit back and enjoy the party alongside your guests.

From the first spark of an idea to the oohs and aahs of delighted guests as they arrive, Hoopla Events brings experience, top-notch vendor contacts, and industry knowledge to each unique occasion.

So whether you want a simple, stylish wedding, a cherished birthday or anniversary party, or a show-stopping and effective fundraiser, call Hoopla Events today to schedule a meeting and unfold your own dream.