About Hoopla

Hoopla Events owner Krista O’Byrne is a passionate entertaining expert, having organized everything from special birthday and anniversary parties to corporate galas and fundraising events.

Krista first discovered her knack for event planning in college, while specializing in wedding coordination at her mother’s bridal shop.

After graduating from college and working in the insurance industry, Krista found herself happily drawn back into the event planning world by organizing memorable parties and showers, volunteering her services to nonprofit organizations, and pulling together fundraising charity events.

As word spread about Krista’s keen design eye and ability to seamlessly bring together all the myriad party details, her services were sought after by people and organizations alike.

Krista is now successfully following her dream to become an event planner with Hoopla Events. A lot of people know what they want for an important occasion but don’t know how to do so with a unique, stylish spin. That’s where Krista and Hoopla Events step in, helping clients create their vision without the stress of drowning in all the little details.

Krista lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two young daughters.