Cute Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

Berry Valentine's Day Cards 3Happy Valentine’s Day! Jen Carver of Banner Events here! Sending and receiving messages of love is the best feeling, isn’t it? Today is Valentine’s Day, and I am excited to share a fun roundup of cute Valentine’s Day card ideas with you!  With a particularly busy month, my children and I got to work early figuring out how we wanted to show love this Valentine’s Day! We hope you enjoy these four fabulous Valentine’s Day card ideas!

1. My Heart Pops for You.  Popcorn lovers will enjoy giving and receiving this adorable valentine!  Just fill popcorn boxes or bags with freshly popped corn and attach the cute label for an adorable presentation! The coordinating card ties everything together!Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine's Day Cards Popcorn 2

2.  Have a Berry Happy Valentine’s Day. If you love to bake, whip up a batch of your favorite baking powder biscuit dough! Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to form heart biscuits!  Fill with delicious store bought or homemade strawberry jam! We packaged these biscuits and some strawberries up in a red berry carton and attached the sweet card to a jar of strawberry jam!

Berry Valentine's Day Cards 2

3. Have a Sweet Valentine’s Day.  My daughter loves making cupcakes! She thought it would be fun to bake cupcakes for her class for Valentine’s Day this year.  The cupcake valentine was a perfect choice!  Make or buy cupcakes, or substitute any sweet treat! She carried her cupcakes in a cupcake carrier, but they could be individually wrapped in clear Solo cups and packaged with a clear glassine bag tied with twine for easy transport.

Cupcake Valentine's Day Cards 3

Cupcake Valentine's Day Cards 5

Cupcake Valentine's Day Cards 7

Cupcake Valentine's Day Cards 10

4. You are O’Fish’ly Awesome! If you have a toddler, preschooler or elementary age student, chances are good that goldfish crackers are a snack staple at your house too! My 3rd grade son wanted to take goldfish crackers to pass out to his class this year.  The “You are O’Fish’ly Awesome” card sentiment was perfect! (Swedish Fish would be a great alternative for anyone beyond the goldfish stage.)

Fish Valentine's Day Cards

Fish Valentine's Day Cards 2

Fish Valentine's Day Cards 3

Fish Valentine's Day Cards 4


Styling and Photography: Jen Carver, Banner Events
Valentine’s Day Cards: Tiny Prints

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